Wanda Sweeting - T&N Cart Rentals & Property Management  242-366-0069

Email:  wanda.sweeting@yahoo.com

Standard Services for Sunrise Point Clients

Wanda Sweeting, Our Housekeeper & Property Manager lives on Elbow Cay and will meet you upon your arrival.  

VHF for Wanda is T&N Cart Rentals.

Check you into Sunrise Point and answer questions

Stop by to make sure you are settled

Resolve any issues and help make your stay as pleasant as possible

When you arrive at the Marsh Harbor Airport you will then take a cab to the Abaco Ferry for Hopetown.  Once on the Ferry you should ask the Ferry Captain to page Wanda to be at the Hopetown Dock upon your arrival.  

Email or call Wanda the day before your departure just as a reminder.

If you have rented a cart from Wanda she will meet you with your rental cart.

Additional Services Provided Upon Request From Wanda Sweeting - Call for Details & Costs - Please make in all arrangements in advance.

Full Service Golf Cart Rental at a discount for Sunrise Point Guests

Local unlocked cell phone

* Off-site preparation and delivery of in-home meals

* Prepare meals at the house using client’s food stock

Clean, make beds, and other maid services

Do your laundry at Sea Spray Marina for $20.00 per load or Wanda can arrange for Mrs. Margaret to do your laundry for $18.00 per load.  Drop off in the a.m. and pick up in the afternoon.

Agent for two airlines: Locair and Bahamas Express both from Fort Lauderdale to Marsh Harbour.

Can arrange for air charters.  Can offer special flight discounts for Sunrise Point Renters.

Can arrange for tour guide, if you have rented boat and want to do some island hopping.

Wanda can also book reservations on IBC travel.  They fly from Fort Lauderdale and West Palm beach.  On November 1, 2011 the rate was around $379.00 round trip per person on excellent 30 seater planes.


Abaco Inn -- a few steps from Sunrise Point                 242-366-0133

Boat House -- at Sea Spray Marina & Resort                 242-366-0065

        also a few steps from Sunrise Point

Captain Jack's -- Hopetown                                           242-366-0247

Cracker P's -- Lubbers Quarters                                   242-366-3139

         across Abaconian Sea from Sunrise Point Dock

Harbors Edge -- Hopetown                                            242-366-0087  

Hopetown Harbour Lodge -- Hopetown                          242-366-0095

Munchies -- Hopetown                                                   242-366-0423       

Pete's Pub -- Little Harbour

Nippers -- Guana Cay

On Da Beach -- Mid Way between Sunrise Point and Hopetown - ask someone

Information About our Area

Wyannie Malone Historical Museum

Weather - Barometer Bob

Ferry from Marsh Harbor to Hopetown

Albury Ferry                                                              242-365-6010

Air Transportation

Abaco Air

Air Sunshine

Air Tran

American Airlines

Bimini Air 

Cherokee Air


Craig Air Center

Gulfstream Air

Island Air

Regional Air

Sky Bahamas

Southern Air Charter


Twin Air

US Air 

Yellow Air Taxi

Wanda can book reservations on IBC travel.  They fly from Fort Lauderdale and West Palm beach.  

Boat Rentals

Blue Wave                                                                242-367-3910

Cat’s Paw                                                                  242-366-0380

Island Marine                                                           242-366-0282

Rich's                                                                       242-367-2742

Sea Horse                                                                242-367-2513

Water Ways                                                             242-365-6143

Cart Rental

T&N Cart Rentals                                                  242-366-0069

Bicycles Rentals on Elbow Cay

Abaco Inn                                                               242-366-0133

Harbour's Edge                                                      242-366-0087 

A & S Bicycle Rentals                                             242-366-0633

Sun Dried Ts                                                          242-366-0616

Baby Crib Rental

 Call or email Wanda Sweeting our housekeeper: wanda.sweeting@yahoo.com  242-366-0069


Froggies Diving                                                      242-366-0431

Fishing -Robert Lowe                                             242-366-0266

Fishing - Day's Catch Charters                              242-366-0059

Abaco Outback Kayaks                                          242-367-5358

Sailing - Cruise Abaco                                            242-375-8313

Grocery Stores On Elbow Cay

LVA Convenience Store                                        242-366-0056

Vernon's Grocery                                                 242-366-0037

Harbour View Grocery                                          242-366-0033

Liquor Stores On Elbow Cay

A&E Liquors                                                         242-366-0625

Lighthouse Liquors                                               242-366-0100

Hopetown Wine and Spirits                                 242-366-0525

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