Sunrise Point Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best way to get to the Abacos?

  2. The best way to get to Abacos changes because of airlines and charters available and your specific time of year.

  3. The only way to find the best price on flights at any particular time is do a web search using Google, Expedia and then by calling our Property Manager as she sometimes works with charter airlines that may offer a better price than the major airlines at a given time.  Not always the case but might as well check this out too.  Wanda Sweeting is our Property Manger and she can be reach at 242-366-0069 or  She also rents golf carts and you will need one.  Also go to our Links page as we have links to some of the airlines.

  4. You can get to Marsh Harbor from Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and West Palm.  We have used all of these based on what is going on with the airlines at any particular time.  Most of the time we end up with flights through Miami.  

  5. The airport you are flying to is Marsh Harbor Airport, MHH.  So do your web searching using MHH as your destination.

  6. Once at Marsh Harbor Airport how do we get to the house?

  7. Once to the Airport you will either get to Sunrise Point using a Cab to take you to the Albury Ferry or if you have rented a boat from one of the vendor in Marsh Harbor you will have a Cab take you to your rental boat from the airport. 

  8. If taking the Albury Ferry you will board the ferry to Hope Town.  On the way over you will ask the Ferry Captain to get on his radio and contact Wanda Sweeting to pick you up at the Hope Town Dock upon your arrival.  Wanda will meet you at the Ferry dock in Hope Town with your rented golf cart and escort you to Sunrise Point.

  9. If you have rented a boat then you will get directions from your boat rental company on how to navigate to Hope Town to meet Wanda there or you will contact Wanda and ask her to meet meet you at our dock in Pat’s Bay.  Our dock is just past the entrance to Sea Spray Marina and Wanda will meet you on the dock and escort you to Sunrise Point.  You can contact her by call sign “Wanda at T&N Cart Rentals” on channel 16 of your VHF radio or you can call her at 242-366-0069.

  10. Do U.S. cell phones work in The Abacos or The Bahamas?

  11. This is a question that depends on your carrier.  Some guests have called their carrier ahead of time and made special arrangements to avoid expensive international roaming charges.  You need to check with your carrier.  We have an internet phone at the house and wi-fi.

  12. You also have the option to rent a local cell phone.  One of these local phones should be less than using your US cell phone because you avoid roaming charges.   Contact either Wanda, (Links Web Page,)  or send an email directly to the provider:

  13. Do you have internet access at the house?  Yes, we have a wireless connection through a modem that connects to the most reliable internet service in the Abacos:  The Out Island Internet Service Company.  When you arrive just get our router’s password from Wanda, our Property Manager.   For any internet issues you should contact Wanda.

  14. What about phone service?  Yes, we have internet phone service.

  15. We have a Magic Jack installed which allows you to make long distance calls to the US and Canada at no extra charge.  US phone number for this phone at Sunrise Point is 703-334-6780.  

  16. Magic Jack Company will not allow this phone to make international calls including calls to phone numbers in the Bahamas.  Wanda, our Property Manager has a US phone number if you need to reach her. Her US phone number is 954-727-5294.

  17. If you want to know more about the internet phone service then go to the MagicJack web site:

  18. Do you have a Swimming Pool? A short walk from the home is the Swimming Pool at Sea Spray Mariana which you can use for no charge.  Clink Here:  SeaSpray Marina Swimming Pool

  19. Is the electrical outlet for charging such a phone or for running other electrical devices the same as it would be in the U.S.?

  20. Electricity is the same as in the USA.

  21. What happens if we lose power?

  22. We have an automatic electric generator that comes on and powers the whole house, including air conditioners.

  23. My family and I are planning on renting a boat from for our time on the island. My concern is getting from the house to the ferry dock after we turn the boat on the day we leave.  Will the rental company bring us back to the house? Is there an easy way to get from the house to the ferry dock in order to get back to Marsh Harbour? Any information on how guests usually handle this would be greatly appreciated.

  24. Answer:  Most guest have a golf cart for their whole trip and a boat for only 3-4 days.  The golf cart is less expensive and more convenient for getting around on the Island and to and from the ferry dock if you go to Marsh Harbor.  You may find that you take only 3 to 4 boat trips and the boat will sit idle if you get it for 7 days. The cart will be used everyday.

  25. You can also buy 5 round trip tickets for $105 from Albury’s Ferry and visit Guana Cay & Man of War Cay as well as take 3 trips to and from Marsh Harbor.

  26. One typical plan would be to ride the ferry over upon arrival buying a round trip.  Contact our Property Manager, Wanda Sweeting and let her know what Ferry you will be on so she can meet you at the dock.  Get a golf cart (or many guests get 2 golf carts) from Wanda and she will have it at the ferry dock for you to pick up or she will pick you up at the ferry dock with golf cart.   (Go to our rental page for link and how to reach Wanda.)  When you leave you will just drive the golf cart to the ferry dock for Wanda to pick up at the ferry dock or make other arrangements with her to get you to the ferry.  Under this plan, you would get settled in for a day or two and then rent the boat starting on your 2nd or 3rd day and only rent it for 3-4 days.  You can rent on Elbow or Marsh but in any case you have a golf cart to get into Hopetown or to the ferry dock in order to go the Marsh and pick up a boat.

  27. There are many options but if you are worried about how to get to the Ferry Dock, then check with Wanda upon arrival to make arrangements.  Having the cart for 7 days and the boat for only 3-4 days may work best and will save you money.

  28. How humid is it in the Bahamas and does the house stay dry inside during the summer?

  29. It is humid on the ocean especially in the summer.  The house will get damp inside when a door or window is left open even while the AC is on.  Leaving the AC on will also raise electric bills considerably.   You will need to keep doors and windows shut at all times and AC on from June - September if you do not want any dampness in the home.  You only have to have a door or window open for 30 minutes and you will raise the humidity in the house to the same level as outside.   The exchange between damp ocean air from the outside and dryer air conditioned air on the inside happens in a matter of minutes.  Then when you do close the house up it will take the AC several hours to extract the humidity.  In the summer it might even take a day or two with all windows and doors closed to extract all the humid ocean air let in during a brief time having a door or window open.

  30. When our family stays at Sunrise Point we like to have the front door and back door open upstairs during the day and turn off the AC, thus enjoying the ocean breeze and sounds.   The upstairs will get damp but this is the trade-off to having the ocean breeze coming through the upstairs.  We will then close down the upstairs around 5 pm and turn on the AC. This is to give the AC some time to reduce the humidity in the upstairs area and the bedroom upstairs.  This works well for us but please be aware it does not always extract all the dampness on a very humid summer day.  

  31. Some days it is just so humid outside that we will leave the whole home closed with AC on and make sure guests and kids don’t leave any door or window open.  

  32. However, we never leave a downstairs bedroom door or window open.  This keeps the downstairs bedrooms dry at all times.  Any door or window open will make things damp in the summer in the downstairs bedroom area.

  33. What is described above is the same for every home that is on the ocean in a humid tropical or sub-tropical environment.  The humidity will rise very quickly but it takes hours for the AC to extract moisture from the air.

  34. Can you tell us more about the layout between the upstairs and downstairs?

  35. The two areas are separate.  To access the 3 bedrooms downstairs from the top level you go outside and use either the back covered staircase or the front staircase which is open.  The advantage is that the downstairs bedrooms are accessible without going through the main living area.  Guests can come and go without disturbing others and have privacy.  In addition, this allows you to open the doors upstairs and enjoy the ocean breeze and sounds and keep the 3 bedrooms downstairs closed with AC on to keep the dampness out of those rooms and the downstairs area.  Our layout gives you many options to optimize your stay and to experience the beach and ocean.

  36. Do you have beach chairs & umbrellas for the beach at the house.

  37. We have 4 beach chairs.  No umbrellas.

  38. Are there things like toilet paper, paper towels,dish soap at the house?  Do we need to bring towels?  Do you have a hair dryer.  What about beach towels?

  39. Yes, we provide the initial provisioning of toilet paper, paper towels, and dish soap.  If you use what is supplied, additional supplies can be purchased locally.  You do not need to bring towels.  We also provide 6 beach towels.  We do not provide a hair dryer.

  40. Can you tell me if the baths are in the bedrooms??

  41. - Upstairs BR: Bath is between living / entertainment area  and the bedroom with access from two doors.  One door with access from the bedroom and the other door with access from the living / entertainment area.

  42. - Master BR Downstairs:  Bath is an en-suite bath for Master Bedroom.

  43. - Bedrooms 1 & 2 Downstairs:  Bath is in between these two bedroom with two doors, one for each bedroom.  This is generally referred to as a Jack and Jill bathroom which is a bathroom with two doors accessible from two bedrooms.

  44. Where do we rent Boats and Golf Carts? 

  45. We have a list of Boat and Cart rental places on our Links Web Page.  We recommend Wanda, our housekeeper, for you golf cart.

  46. Do you have a Baby Crib or know where we can rent a crib?

  47. We get this question a lot.  We do not provide a crib for legal liability issues and sanitary reasons too.  Yes, you can rent one.  Contact our house keeper, Wanda.  You will find her contact information on our Links Web Page.  Also, most of our guests needing a baby crib bring a portable crib with them.

  48. Please tell me whether you think the house would be safe for a baby 8 months old age?  Are there open staircases he might fall down?  Might you have some baby gates available?  

  49. We’ve had many families with infants and believe the home is safe.

  50. We do have two open staircases without gates.  Can we rent bikes anywhere?

  51. Can we rent bikes?

  52. The bike rental location is listed on our Links Web Page.

  53. Can we rent surf boards?  

  54. You can now rent surf boards in Hopetown.  If you want to bring one, then check with Wanda  about the best way to ship one over.

  55. During the off-season are the stores and restaurants closed?  

  56. Hopetown is an all year around resort and few places close down for any of the seasons.  In the off-season you will find most things open. 

  57. Should we bring bug spray?  I have read things on Trip Advisor about other islands, Eleuthera, that it is necessary for no-see-um's and mosquitos.  

  58. You may get some mosquitos at dusk but maybe we do not have as many no-see-umm and mosquitoes as Eleuthera.  It all depends on the wind and rain conditions too.  Most of the breeze is off the ocean and this keeps them away.  Just bring a small bottle of bug spray just in case.  It has never been a big issue for us or even that noticeable.

  59. Is it a good idea to book the water taxi ahead of time from Marsh Harbor to Hope Town?  I hardly expect airlines to run on time but wonder if they should know to expect the four of us sometime.   

  60. No need to worry about booking in advance for the Hope Town Ferry as they put extra boats in service when needed.

  61. I know this is not Mexico, but are there any concerns of waterborne intestinal bugs such that we have to peel fruit or avoid ice? ( I’m a family doc, so just planning ahead if we need to bring Cipro.).  

  62. No, you do not have to take any antibiotic or other medicines prior to coming to Hopetown.  The Bahamas has clean water and there are not any issue with intestinal bugs like in Mexico or other parts of South or Central America.

  63. Are there certain areas you can not take a Golf Cart?

  64. The only area we know of is in Hope Town proper and the North End of the Island.  This because the streets in Hope Town are too narrow to accommodate both foot traffic and Golf Carts and in order to get to the North End you would have to drive the cart through Hope Town proper.

  65. What about airlines and best places to fly into? 

  66. Best to fly into Miami or Ft Lauderdale and for some people you can also find good service from West Palm Beech to Marsh Harbor Airport, MHH.  On our links page is a list of airlines.  The best thing to do is use Expedia or some other on-line reservation service.  The one thing that is not obvious is that there are Charter Airlines that you can reserve to fly from Florida on your own schedule.  Wanda can also help in this area.  For example, we have had guests who have flown in 9 people from 3 different cities all into Ft Lauderdale.  Since they all came in at different times and on different airlines they were having trouble coordinating flights from Florida to Marsh Harbor.  They were able to charter a flight for the 9 of them using Island Airlines and it only cost them $225 round trip per person.  Lots of things are possible once you get to Miami or Ft Lauderdale.

  67. We have rented a 21' boat for our use while we are at your house.  I understand that your house has a dock associated with it.  How should I find this dock?  

  68. The best way to find the dock is Click HERE for a Google Map.  It will show where the dock is in relationship to the SeaSpray Marina and the House.  Navigate to the SeaSpray Marina entrance and we are just south of their entrance which is also called the entrance to White Sound.  Also, when you get within VHF range you will want to hail Wanda at T&N Cart Rentals to go down and stand on the dock and wave to you.  She lives only a short distance from our dock and will come down to meet you there.  If you end up asking someone at the boat rental place for directions, then just tell them that we are just south of the entrance to White Sound in what is called Aunt Pat's Bay.

  69. What is the water depth at the dock?  

  70. Depth at the front of our “L” shaped dock at low tide is around 4 feet.  You have 4 feet of water on the front of the dock only.  At low tide you have 1-2 feet of water around back of the dock depending on how close to shore you are.  To the South side of the dock the depth varies from 3-4 feet at low tide up front (a good place to dock) and then goes to 1-2 feet as you move toward the shore .  The water depth is fine for rental boats to dock just about anywhere but with larger private boats you need to dock on the front or consider tidal information if you want to use the inside portions of the dock. 

  71. Is my boat safe at your dock?

  72. Rental boats are fine at the dock as are boats that have inboard motors.  High-end boats with Yamaha four stroke outboard engines have been stolen in the Abacos.  The boats that seem to be vulnerable are 30+ foot boats with 3 four stoke motors which are attractive because of their speed and the value of the motors.  If you have one of these boats, you should either consider using Sea Spray Marina or bringing some kind of locking cable to discourage any would be boat thief.  Stolen boats are not a serious problem in the Abacos (not any worse than other places) but you should be aware and take precautions no matter where you vacation if you have an expensive, fast Sport Fisherman with the latest four stroke outboards.

  73. I see you have a boat lift.  Can we put our boat on your boat lift for safety purposes?  

  74. No, the boat lift is for private use only and has our boat on it most of the year.   

  75. Is there water or power at your dock?  

  76. If full service docking is required with access to metered electricity and water, then you should consider using Sea Spray Marina.

  77. We have rented two boats.  Can your dock accommodate two boats?  

  78. Yes, our dock can easily accommodate two boats.  Please visit our Home Page and take a look at the third picture down on the right hand side of the page for a picture of our dock.  Also, you will find pictures of the dock on in our Slide Show.

  79. How about the house, how should I find that when coming from the dock?  And what about a key?  

  80. Wanda, our housekeeper, will meet you at the dock with keys.  Also, click HERE for a Google Map.

  81. Is it possible to have some groceries delivered to the house prior to our arrival?  If so, who should I contact regarding this task?

  82. Wanda can take care of getting food delivered to Sunrise Point and help with other personal service too.  

  83. Our suggestion for groceries would be to do some shopping on the main Island before you come over.  The prices are less than on the out-islands and in Marsh Harbour they have large box stores with bigger selection.

  84. There is a well-stocked supermarket in Marsh Harbour, Maxwells, with its wide variety of selections. Open on holidays and Sundays (ask your taxi driver).

  85. There are two small grocers in Hope Town; Harbour View Grocery and Vernon’s Grocery. Hope Town Settlement's two grocers are open 8am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm Monday - Friday and extending to 7pm on Saturday.  Closed Sunday and holidays. There is also a third convenience store called L.V.A Convenience Store. Open 7:30am - 9pm M - Sat & 10am-2pm on Sundays. The newest grocery store located in White Sound is The Foodstore Limited open 8am-6pm  Monday - Saturday & Sundays 8am-12 Noon. Liquor Stores located on the island are: A&E Liquors, Hope Town Wines & Spirits and Lighthouse Liquors.

  86. Can we drink the water out of the faucet?

  87. The water is delivered by large trucks and put into a holding tank under the downstairs deck.  They produce this water on the Island through desalination of sea water.  It is pure.  When it rains the water off the roof goes into the tank too.  Everybody on the Island has the same set up of augmenting the water they have to purchase (expensive) with rain water collected from the roofs (free).

  88. Some guests buy bottled water as they have expressed a problem with rain water and or holding tanks.  But then a lot of people won't drink tap water from their city supply either.  So your choice.  We drink the water from the faucet.

  89. Can I bring some food with me on the plane?  I was thinking about some filets and ribs to cook at night.  What kind of food stores are there?  Is there anything the Airline won!t let u bring in?

  90. We fly American and have no problem taking over steak and hamburger meat in a Styrofoam cooler that the TSA can open.  They will open coolers to inspect. Don't know if there is any food items you can't bring in.  It would be best to check with the specific Airline you are using. 

  91. There is a large grocery store near the airport but more expensive than if you bring your own meats and fish.  Just ask your taxi driver to take you there.  Their prices are better than on Elbow Cay / Hope Town and the selection is better.  We usually stock up on Marsh Harbor and if we are missing things get them at one of the three smaller stores on Elbow Cay / Hope Town.  

  92. Some Questions from January 6, 2013:   Glen,  we are headed to Elbow with a group of friends from the Atlanta Saltwater Sportsman's club.  Once I know that we have 6 or 7 or 8 people, I'll send you an e-mail.  Can we cover this when the final payment for the rental.  I appreciate how much information you've put into the website you've created.  Very helpful.  Answer:  You can add people anytime.  Just let me know and we add this to your balance.

  93. I do have some other questions:

  94. 1) How far is the dock from the house?  It looks like from the Google map on your web site that it may only be a 5 min walk.  Answer: Yes, around five minutes away.

  95. 2) On google earth is looks like there is a sandy/beach area just next to the dock.  Is that beach a "swim-able" area?  Can we use it as a place to hang out if we want a different place to grab sun or is it private and belong to someone else?  Answer:  That beach is a private beach that belongs to the big house on the hill.  Much better beach is Taloo beach which is also a public beach.

  96. 3) Is the dock private and dedicated to your house?  I ask because we may have another friend in the Saltwater Club who would like to dock his boat there during our same rental week.  Answer:  Our dock is only for the use of our guests.  If they want to dock there, in all fairness we need to charge them.   We would charge 1/3 what they would pay to put their boat in a slip at the Marina since we don't have water or electricity and are on open water.

  97. 4) Does the refrigerator/freezer in the kitchen have an ice maker?  Answer:  We do have an ice maker in the kitchen fridge freezer.

  98. free web statsSome questions from June 2013:

  99. 1. Do you have a grill?  We have both a charcoal and propane grill.

  100. 2. Do you have Washer & Dryer?  The Sea Spray Marian has Washers and Dryers or our housekeeper will do laundry for you.

  101. 3. Do you have aluminum foil or plastic wrap?  You buy your own supplies.  There may be some foil or other supplies left over from previous guests.

  102. 4. Do we need detergent?  No need if housekeeper does the laundry but maybe you need if you use Sea Spray Marina.  You can buy locally if you need so don't bring with you.

  103. 5.  Do you have a coffee maker.  There is a coffee maker.

  104. 6. Do you have surf boards?  You can rent surf boards either at the Sea Spray Marina or at Froggies in town.

  105. 7. Do you have fishing poles.  You can rent poles and fishing equipment at Sea Spray or at Froggies in town.  Serious fishermen should bring their own equipment.

  106. BulletQuestions from July 31, 2013:

  107. Is there good snorkeling around there?  And do you have swim fins and snorkels at the house?  My son-in-law is a certified scuba diver.  We do not provide snorkels or fins for health and safety reasons.

  108. Diving, Snorkeling and Swimming

  109. Elbow Cay boasts a a beautiful white sand beach for your swimming and sunbathing enjoyment. The Sea of Abaco shelters a lovely variety of coral gardens, and you'll find interesting snorkeling right off the beach at many locations. Sandy Cay Land & Sea Park is a 2100 acre preserve located a short boat ride south & offers perhaps the best snorkeling & scuba diving in the Abacos. You can bring your own equipment or purchase the basics. There are several professional dive and snorkel tour operators that will ensure you have a fantastic time. Froggies Out Island Adventures in Hope Town and Dive Abaco in Marsh Harbour specialize in all-day island excursions to Abaco’s underwater national parks in their specially equipped dive boats. They also offer air fills, equipment rentals, resort courses and P.A.D.I. certifications.

  110. We vacationed 10 years ago on Lubbers Quarters, so we are a little familiar with Hopetown and Elbow Cay, but not totally.  We've also been to Eleuthera, but I think Elbow would be more suitable to our lifestyle and pocketbooks!

  111. Elbow has many more amenities than any of the other places you've mentioned above.

  112. Is there a place that has fresh frozen fish or lobster on Elbow? 

  113. Best to buy your fish at Maxwell's in Marsh Harbor before going over to Elbow Cay.  Cab driver will take you there.  

  114. There are three stores on Elbow that may have lobster and fish depending upon the season.  You will have to check availability upon your arrival.

  115. Is there a good local fisherman you can recommend or dock that brings them in on a certain day or time?

  116. The times we have been able to buy fish at the dock in Marsh Harbor before going over to Elbow Cay.  Ask your cab driver to take you to the dock where they sell fish when you get to the airport.  Not aware of anyone selling fish at the Hopetown dock.  Availability is seasonal and depending on if the fish are biting.   Also, you may want to check with our Property Manger, Wanda Sweeting regarding current availability from local fishermen.

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